3mm Wall Mirror

4' x 6' Clean Edges (Unpolished)

35lbs each / 3mm thick 48 x 72 Wall Mirror with clean (unpolished) edges on all sides. This mirror is our most economical solution and should be installed on a very flat surface or distortion could occur due due to the thinness of the mirror.

This economical wall mirror is great for gyms and other applications where multiple mirrors connect side by side from wall to wall where no edge is available to touch. The unfinished edge creates a very aethetically smooth transition from panel to panel.

*Please note that unfinished edges are sharp and should be used only beside other mirrors, finished or framed at exposed ends.

Bulk Pricing

1 Unit 2 Units 3 Units 4 Units 5 Units 6+ Units
$293.64 / pc $228.99 / pc $203.00 / pc $203.00 / pc $203.00 / pc $203.00 / pc
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